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The extraordinary standard for a green card 


One way to determine whether an applicant seeking a green card as an extraordinary individual is "one of the small percentage who has risen to the very top" is to compare herself to others in her field of expertise. She has a better chance of showing that she is extraordinary if she can show that she is not the typical person in her line of work. 

For scientists and researchers, publishing papers and articles is a common product of their research. If a scientist applying as an extraordinary individual can show that her publications have appeared in the most prestigious scientific journals, this will help establish her as an extraordinary applicant. Furthermore, if her work is commonly referred to and cited by other articles or if she is frequently asked to sit on panels and review other people’s work, these will help demonstrate her qualifications as an extraordinary alien.

An athletes can also demonstrate her extraordinary ability by comparing herself to others. A soccer player can show that she has longer playing time compared to the average soccer player. She can show that she gets paid more than the typical player. Inclusion of her statistics and those of the league average will help to show that she is a special player. Winning awards like Most Valuable Player also reflect her uniqueness as a player.

The important issue to keep in mind when applying for the extraordinary category is uniqueness. The applicant has to show that he is not the normal average individual in his field. Although it may take years of studying and training to be able to just participate in his field, that is not enough. The applicant has to show that he truly stands out among the crowd in his knowledge, skills, and talent.





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