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What must be shown in a Reduction in Recruitment application? 


If the employer has attempted to recruit U.S. workers prior to filing the application for labor certification, the employer must document the employer's reasonable good faith efforts to recruit U.S. workers without success. The employer must do this through the Employment Service System and/or through other labor referral and recruitment sources normal to the occupation:  

This supporting documentation shall include documentation of the employer's recruitment efforts for the job opportunity which shall:  

(A) List the sources the employer may have used for recruitment, including, but not limited to, advertising; public and/or private employment agencies; colleges or universities; vocational, trade, or technical schools; labor unions; and/or development or promotion from within the employer's organization;  

(B) Identify each recruitment source by name;  

(C) Give the number of U.S. workers responding to the employer's recruitment;  

(D) Give the number of interviews conducted with U.S. workers;  

(E) Specify the lawful job-related reasons for not hiring each U.S. worker interviewed; and  

(F) Specify the wages and working conditions offered to the U.S. workers.

If the employer advertised the job opportunity prior to filing the application for certification, the employer shall include also a copy of at least one such advertisement.




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