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L-1 visas for new offices 


Individuals who qualify for an L-1 visa may be permitted into the U.S. to establish a new branch office. If the petition indicates that the individual is coming to the United States as a manager or executive to open or to be employed in a new office, the petitioner must submit evidence that shows the following:

Sufficient physical premises to house the new office have been secured;  

The beneficiary has been employed for one continuous year in the three year period preceding the filing of the petition in an executive or managerial capacity and that the proposed employment involves executive or managerial authority over the new operation; and  

The intended United States operation, within one year of the approval of the petition, will support an executive or managerial position, supported by information regarding:  

  • The proposed nature of the office describing the scope of the entity, its organizational structure, and its financial goals;

  • The size of the United States investment;

  • The financial ability of the foreign entity to remunerate the beneficiary and to commence doing business in the United States; and

  • The organizational structure of the foreign entity.




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