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E-2 visas for foreign medical doctors


To qualify as a treaty investor, the physician must be a national of a country with which the U.S. has a treaty of commerce. A list of those countries are located here. If this is the case, the physician may then obtain an E-2 visa if he is coming to the U.S. to develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which he has invested, or… is actively in the process of investing, a substantial amount of capital.

There is no specific dollar amount that is required. However, if the physician is investing in a preexisting business, he should be investing more than half of the total value of the enterprise. If the business will be new, the amount invested should be an amount sufficient to establish a new business.

There are a number of advantages that this visa makes available to physicians compared to other visas. First, the E-2 treaty investor visa does not require that the applicant show that he has a residence in a foreign country of which he has no intention of abandoning. Second, the physician does not have to show that he will be in the U.S. for only a temporary period of time. Instead, he show an intention to return to his home country upon the termination of his treaty investor status.

Finally, the dependents of a E-2 physician will be entitled to the same status as the principle.




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