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B-1 business visas for foreign medical  doctors


Generally, this visa is available for those coming to the U.S. to conduct business temporarily. However, it is possible for a foreign physician to use this visa if he will be participating in an "elective clerkship" at a U.S. medical school hospital. During this clerkship, he may not receive compensation.

This purpose is acceptable because it "affords practical experience and instructions in the various disciplines of medicine under the supervision and direction of faculty physicians… as an approved part of the alien’s foreign medical school education." However, the B-1 business visa may not be used by a foreign medical graduate who wishes to complete an elective rotation or externship to familiarize himself with the American medical system.

To obtain a B-1 visa stamp, the foreign physician will have to show that he has a residence in a foreign country which he does not intend to abandon. He will also have to show ties to his home country to demonstrate that he will return after his clerkship period terminates.




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